Part of Habitat’s mission is to build ties within the greater community. One of the ways we do this is with our annual admission-free Kite Festival for hundreds of local flyers with food, fun, face-painting and other games for children of all ages. Also we periodically host a Virtual Auction where locals and newcomers to the Coast seek to outbid each other for parts of our next house which are colored in on a blueprint as each item is purchased. These events raise thousands each year and provide a lot of fun and excitement on the Coast.

Kite Festival

Hundreds of kite enthusiasts turned out to celebrate the art of kite flying at the Fifteenth Annual Habitat for Humanity Kite Festival in June. The sight of kites of all shapes and sizes gliding up into the fog like so many elegant ghosts enthralled the crowd of spectators. Children made their own kites with paper, glue and colored pens, and gazed skywards as their creations took off to fly in graceful arcs over their excited heads. The afternoon’s fun included lots of great homemade food from Habitat family partners. “It was such a pleasure to look up after two hours of frenetic kite construction and see all those kites in the air–and the look on the face of one awesome grandmother who managed to get three beautiful kites up there under the control of three tiny children. That lady deserves a medal.”

Mendocino TV Features The Kite Festival!


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