The following individuals and businesses have provided invaluable support to our mission between January and December of 2015. This page is updated two to three times annually. It was most recently updated on January 26th of 2016.

Chet and Sherri Anderson
Luna Armstrong
Janet Ashford
Betty Barber
Charles and Heather Baxman
Marcus & Kathy Bibbens
James & Anne Blanton
Martha and Kevin Buck
Diane Cerutti
Thomas Costello
Grail G. Dawson
Lorna Dennis
Jim Ehlers and Susan Larkin
Richard & Gabriele Fienburgh
Fort Bragg Electric
Douglas & Claire Fortier
Robert & Mary Gerbi
Richard Green
Chuck Greenberg & Claire Ellis
Doris Hammer
Jeanette Hansen
Thomas & Jean Hawkins
Amy Hensell
Ron and Ruth Hensell
Susan Joyce Hofberg
Jim & Barbara Hurst
William & Gwen Jacobson
Barbara Johnson
Linda Jupiter
Wilma Keeney & Christopher Roe
Sam & Babs Levine
Patty Lyons
Horace & Virginia Mann
Shelley M Martin
Marguerite D McBride
Mary Sue McNeill
John & Susan Mitchell
Mavis A Moore
James & Arlene Moorehead
Janet D. Morris
Susan Newstead
Pacific Gas and Electric
John & Janis Porter
Dorine Real & Lee Tepper
Hipolito & Alicia Renteria
Frank and Sallie Richards
Sandra and Guenter Riegler
Norman Roby & Ginny Mills
Norm Rudman
William & Carla Schneiderman
Mary E. Schuette
Sue Shabazz
Hal & Sidra Stone
Toni L. Taff
Lynn Taylor & Thomas White
Jane Vartanian
Norma Watkins
Orah Young